I am a doctor (GP ST2) from London with a passion for food, travel, wildlife and books. I have decided to step out of my comfortable life in London and move to Zambia for a year to live and work in a rural hospital called St Francis Hospital. Why? Well, why not?

Yes, I am nervous about practising medicine in rural Africa. Yes, I worry about what I might see and experience. Yes, I have concerns about how I will cope with the mutant cockroaches that will share my house with me. However, working as a doctor in Africa has been a dream of mine for a very long time, so despite my fears, it is something that I really want and need to do.

I’m married to a wildlife photographer (Will Burrard-Lucas) who has an even larger love of travel and sense of adventure than me. He is my side-kick in this adventure and we can’t wait for it to all begin…

We arrived in Zambia on 9th August 2012!