Jan 9, 2013 - General, Travel    3 Comments

New Year in Namibia

I welcomed in 2013 on a sand dune in Namibia. It was my first time to Namibia, and my first New Year on a sand dune. It was also the first time I had spent more than four days away from St Francis Hospital since my arrival in August.

Having left behind the hot and steamy rainy season in Zambia, it was a huge contrast to arrive in the parched Namib Desert. Temperatures soared to over 40 degrees with almost zero humidity and clear blue skies.

However, despite the mind-blowing scenery, stunning desert creatures and yummy safari lodge food, it was the opportunity to rest my tired mind that I valued most. St Francis Hospital seemed about a million miles away, and I really managed to unwind.

I don’t think it is until you step out of your busy life that you realize how much you needed a break…

New Years is always a time to reflect on the year gone by, and what a year it was. Moving to Africa and running my own medical ward has been one of the scariest and hardest things I have ever embarked upon. Yet, I am so glad that Will and I took on this adventure. Now I’m back in Katete with recharged batteries, looking forward to seeing what 2013 has in store…


  • Happy New Year to you and Will! What a gorgeous photo; just looking at it soothes the soul, and even more so in person, I’m sure.

    It’s good that you had a chance to take a break from your busy routine and unwind in such a beautiful area.

    Whatever 2013 has in store for you and Will, I know you’ll handle it with your usual grace, skill and resourcefulness.

  • I just posted the following on my Facebook page in the hopes that you’ll get more readers of your blog:

    I highly recommend a blog called “Dr. Nat’s Journal.” Dr. Nat is Natalie Burrard-Lucas, a young doctor from England, who along with her wildlife photographer husband, Will Burrard-Lucas, is spending a year in Zambia. She is running a medical ward in a rural hospital, while Will travels the area capturing amazing photos.

    Dr. Nat is an excellent writer, and I know you’ll enjoy reading about the challenges she faces as she provides medical care under often difficult circumstances. It’ll make you appreciate even more the health care we have in the US.

    Here’s the link to her blog. Go read it! http://www.drnat.co.uk/

  • Happy New Year to you and Will.
    What a beautiful picture, so soft with the vastness of life.
    I’m sure the next few months will fly by and some amazing adventures await you both.
    Look forward to reading all about them, and the way you write your blogs, being there in mind with you.