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Making lists

I am female, and I am a junior doctor. This can only mean one thing: I love making lists!

List-making is a hugely beneficial skill when you are about to up-root your life and head for rural Zambia. However, the sheer amount of stuff that I need to do is really putting my abilities to the test.

To give a flavour of the kind of things that need doing before departure, I have complied an A-to-Z of what I have been up to lately:

A: Get Authorisation for the sabbatical from the London Deanery of GP Trainees
B: Bulk-buy essentials for the year (contact lens solution, suncream, batteries etc)
C: Cancel subscriptions / utilities / memberships
D: Set up Direct debits
E: Pack an Emergency first-aid kit (cannulas, giving-set, antibiotics, dioralyte etc)
F: Buy Flight tickets and plan Farewell drinks
G: Apply for travel Grants
H: Apply to the Zambian Health council
I: Get travel Insurance and International driving permit
J: Set up an online Journal/blog
K: Load up Kindle with books from my must-read list
L: Learn the Language via Chichewa CD-rom
M: Malaria prophylaxis and Mosquito repellent
N: Find a Notary Public to Notarize documents
O: Occupational health
P: Practice common Procedures needed in Zambia (lumbar punctures etc)
Q: Email Questions for the doctor currently working there
R: Compile a list of my favourite Recipes
S: Buy Suncream
T: Revise Tropical medicine
U: Get a transcript of my University qualifications
V: Apply for a work Visa, look for a Vehicle to buy
W: Get my pesky Wisdom teeth taken out
X: Discuss with the taX office about a tax refund / change of tax code
Y: Make sure I have my Yellow Fever certificate
Z: Invest in Zumba DVDs to help keep fit in Zambia


  • This is wonderful Nat. I shall love reading it, thank you.

  • Wow, Nat. Off at last! Looking forward to reading blog and sharing the exciting adventures.

  • Thank you for sharing your adventure! I shall be living vicariously through you 🙂

  • I’m chiming in a bit late here, but I’m looking forward to following you on your big adventure.